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How to Decorative Your Gift Box with Ribbons?

The gift box is tied with ribbon, although the method is very simple, it is very beautiful. Brightly colored ribbons can express a gorgeous feeling, while simple and elegant ribbons are very warm. Come and see how to wrap gift boxes with ribbons!

ribbon for gift wrapping

1. Cut the ribbon to a length of 90cm and a width of 7cm;

2. Fold the two sides of the ribbon and sew in half to prevent the thread from falling off;

3. Fold the ribbon back and forth 8 times, as shown in the picture;

4. Fix the center of the folded ribbon with iron wire, and arrange the shape to make it look like a bow; fix another ribbon on the box, then paste the finished ribbon bow on the box.

diy ribbon craft

You can also design different styles of ribbon decoration according to your own preferences!

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