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Christmas Decoration——Christmas Tree!

The annual Christmas is coming now!

I have to say that the atmosphere it brings is really wonderful, and the strong festive atmosphere adds too much happiness to the winter.The most personal sense of ritual for Christmas, of course, is to decorate the home, whether it is a party or an exclusive, it is so romantic!

Compared to Santa Claus, the Christmas tree is more like the protagonist of the holiday. Every December, decorating the Christmas tree is probably the most essential part of the holiday.

Christmas tree decoration

The traditional Christmas tree is made of European fir. Both the color and the smell are very pleasing, and it will not fall off automatically even after drying. Secondly, Norway spruce is also a common Christmas tree, which is cheap and easy to grow.

In addition to the traditional "red, green" and other colors, the Christmas tree decoration can also choose simple style as inspiration. It does not need too many colors with a sense of jumping, and the low saturation is also very modern. The unique Christmas ribbons and ribbon bows decorated on the Christmas tree are simply too beautiful, right?

Christmas decorative tree

If the area of the home is not large enough, the desktop mini version of the Christmas tree is the first choice! Simple to have a sense of Christmas participation, super warm and small and cute.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree doesn't have to be a tree. You can make great ideas with branches, fallen leaves, or even wire.

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