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DIY Beautiful Ribbon Hair Bow for Christmas Decoration

Now in some handicraft material shops, we can all buy some ribbon material packages, such as if you want to make ribbon hairpins or other small decorations, there will be similar material packages, which are very beautiful ribbons of different colors and widths. We can use these ribbons to make very beautiful handmade works, like the hairpin with a ribbon bow made of wide ribbons here. If you still have materials, you can add some rhinestones and other decorations on the hairpin. This kind of small fabric handmade is very simple and very fulfilling. Before Christmas, if you can't think of what kind of Christmas gift you want to make for your good friends, you might as well try to make such a beautiful bow hairpin.

diy hair bow

1. Prepare the three pink satin ribbons and cut them to the same length.

polyester satin ribbon

2. Sew the two ends together.

satin ribbon supplier

3. Stick double-sided tape in the middle to facilitate shaping.

diy ribbon bow

4. Fold the ribbon in this way and glue it with double-sided tape.

handmade ribbon bow

5. The ribbons of three colors are stacked like this.

ribbon bow diy craft

6. Tie it with a rope in the middle so that it looks like a ribbon bow.

pre made satin ribbon bow

7. Tie a circle with a thin ribbon in the middle.

diy satin ribbon bow

8. Then paste the rhinestones.

ribbon bow for hair bow

9. Wrap the hairpin around with a transparent ribbon.

ribbon hair bow

10. Then a beautiful ribbon hair bow is done!

Christmas hair bow

We can see that when making this ribbon bow hairpin in the tutorial, it is very important that the ends of the ribbon should be symmetrical, which is also a very important principle in the production of fabrics. If you don't like this color, you can choose the color you like to make according to the ribbon you have on hand.

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