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Christmas Ribbon Dyeing Notes

Every time Christmas comes, decorative elements streets, major businesses shopping malls, Colorful Christmas ribbon, Christmas bows and other Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Christmas hats, Christmas windows and other beautiful.

Christmas ribbon

To get these Christmas ribbon and a decorative effect, create a Christmas atmosphere, ribbon manufacturers in the production of printed ribbon process, with particular attention to the following matters.

burlap ribbon

A control pressure cylinder ends transfected difference grooved rollers. Since the car rolling during operation, moisture in the compressed air will be such that both ends of the cylinder pressure difference, pressure difference, thus affecting the rate of fluid green tape, resulting in the edge in color. In addition, the two ends of the roll of the rolling mill are pressurized to produce a certain degree of deflection, which results in inconsistent rolling ratios in the middle and also causes left, middle, and right color differences.

Second, the selected web blank. When we use and select the original ribbon, we should choose the same batch as the used yarn, and refining the processed blank, to ensure that it contains the same amount of "oil", and it is removed at the same time to avoid affecting the color difference and the fiber directly. dye.

Third, control the infrared pre-baking temperature, 100 ℃-150 ℃ is more suitable. When the infrared pre-baking temperature is lower than 80 ° C, the color difference between the front and back of the ribbon is large; when the infrared pre-baking temperature is above 100 ° C, the color difference between the front and back of the ribbon is greatly improved; The water has basically evaporated, greatly reducing the possibility of dye migration.

Fourth, avoid or reduce the impact caused by the rolls. For the roll pressure, it is better to control above 0.2mpa; for the integrity of the roll, it is necessary to regularly calibrate and repair the wear of the roll; for the roll remaining rate, it must be properly controlled, too hard the dye absorption is insufficient, too soft will There are suits.

Although the decoration effect of the Christmas ribbon is pleasant, to achieve its beautiful Christmas Day atmosphere, the ribbon manufacturer also needs to pay attention to the pressure difference between the cylinder pressure at both ends of the roll, the ribbon original, and the infrared The influence of baking temperature, rolls and other aspects.

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