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DIY Christmas Headband

This headband is made of golden rope, which feels like hemp rope, but it is not ostentatious, but has an elegant feeling. It can be matched with simple clothing or used to make beautiful brooches and hair accessories.

diy christmas headband (2)


Golden rope (length 86cm, width 0.5cm);

Golden lace ribbon (length 6cm, width 1.2cm),you also can use ribbon(satin ribbon,grosgrain ribbon or more) to instead it;

A white satin headband;

iron wire;

Hot melt gun.

diy headband


1. Knot the two ends of the golden rope to prevent it from being scattered;

2. Make a figure of 8 with a length of 7cm;

3. Make another figure 8 with a length of 10cm, and then fix the middle part with an iron wire;

4. Paste the finished simple bow on the headband and fix it with a golden lace ribbon.

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