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DIY Christmas Pearl Hairpin

Pearls can always touch the hearts of girls, and artificial pearls are decorated on the hair accessories to complete a simple and beautiful hairpin. The soft ribbon material and bright red color make this winter Christmas no longer cold.

DIY ribbon hair accessories


Two 6cm wide red ribbons, 34cm long;

A 6cm wide red ribbon, 10cm long;

12 pearls;

One pin

iron wire;

Double-sided tape

Hot melt gun.

hair clip


1. Roll the 34cm-long red ribbon into a circle, stick the two ends with double-sided tape and fix it with iron wire;

2. Stack the two ribbons diagonally, and paste them with glue, as shown in the figure;

3. Wrap another 10cm red ribbon around the bow and fix it with glue;

4. Paste the pearl on the ribbon bow, and then paste the pin on the back of the bow.

Isn't it very simple? The bow knot made can not only be used as a hairpin, but also can be used as a decoration on the clothes.

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