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DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the protagonist of Christmas. Christmas decoration without Christmas tree always feels a little less. Sometimes we do n’t want to put a Christmas tree in the house, we can make some small Christmas trees to decorate ourselves. Is the Christmas tree made of Christmas ribbons very beautiful? And it's super easy to make. It's also beautiful to make a small Christmas tree in the office.

Making a Christmas tree with ribbons is very simple and can be made with the materials available at hand.

DIY beautiful ribbon Christmas tree needs materials:

Grosgrain ribbon, a cone-shaped mold, or one made of a paper shell is not necessary. What is the best bubble. Some small nails and scissors, golden ribbon.

ribbon christmas

First, seal the base. (The cone-shaped wool bucket core is very suitable for replacement. You can also cut a semicircle to make a cone and then stuff it with cotton or newspaper.) Start to cut a 10 cm long ribbon (the length can be controlled by yourself)

Starting from the bottom of the cone, the Rowan straps are folded into a ring. Do not let the ribbon become wrinkled or creased. We need a ring that looks more comfortable and lubricious. Then fix it with a pin.

Grosgrain ribbon

Starting from the bottom, binding with a green ribbon, starting from the first one to the last one after a loop, are connected to each other. Change a color, start the second row, about 1.3 cm to 1.9 cm from the first row, and continue to complete a circle. Then continue until the top.

After completing the last lap, you can see the pins that are exposed outside. We need to cut a length of ribbon that is about the length of the last circle and wrap it around it to play a decorative role.

diy ribbon christmas

As for the decoration on the top, you can use a golden packaging flower ball on the gift package. At the bottom of the flower ball, stick a cloth or paper card about the same size as the upper part of the cone. Then apply glue to the paper card. Eight 0.25 cm wide golden ribbons are glued on it. The golden ribbon needs to be wrapped around the pencil in advance to make it bend.

Finally turned the ball over, stuck to the top, and fixed it with a push pin. In addition, the drooping streamer is slightly fixed at the top with the ring ribbon, so a ribbon-like Christmas tree with a festive atmosphere is completed. Handmade ribbon Christmas trees, whether it is for family, friends, or boyfriends, are warm Art products!

ribbon christmas tree

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