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How to Decorate Necklaces with Lace Ribbons?

Tie cute lace ribbons to necklaces or bracelets and pair them with velvet ribbons to create a pair of unique ornaments.

ribbon diy craft


One purple suede lace ribbon (width 1.5cm, length 10cm);

One gray suede lace ribbon (width 1.5cm, length 6cm);

One golden striped ribbon (width 1cm, length 20cm);

A necklace

2 small decorations;

5 small round iron rings,

1 necklace clasp;

Leaf style lace and white sand thread;



ribbon diy


1. Use pliers to fasten a small round iron ring on one side of the necklace, and then hang purple and gray suede lace ribbons on it;

2. Connect a small iron ring to the small iron ring and hang small ornaments;

3. Make the golden ribbon into a bow shape and sew it together with the leaf-style lace with needle and thread;

4. Fix the finished ribbon bow on the necklace with a small iron ring, and then connect the necklace clasp.

In this way, a unique lace necklace is ready. In the next article, Xmas Ribbon will teach you how to make a bracelet with lace ribbon.

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