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How to Create a Strong Christmas Atmosphere with Ribbon?

How to create a strong Christmas atmosphere? No doubt, it must start from the door! Without entering the door, I already felt the cheerful Christmas atmosphere of the host.Hang the Christmas tree made of branches upside down on the door, tie a bow with a silk ribbon on the top, and hang some red beads on the branches, you can feel the thick Christmas atmosphere from afar!

ribbon decorate Christmas tree

I will buy gifts for my family at Christmas. After I wrap it, I tie a big ribbon bow with wired edge burlap ribbon and put red apples and green branches around it. It is both a gift and a festive atmosphere.

Wired ribbon for christmas gift packaging

A red silk ribbon was attached to the chair, and then a branch and a small ball were glued in the middle, and the Christmas dinner was on!

silk ribbon for chair

The table lamp in the living room of the home is tied with a large Christmas ribbon bow, which is a table lamp with a Christmas atmosphere!

Christmas ribbon decoration

The family photo is also a good decoration, decorated with red silk ribbons, and immediately have a Christmas atmosphere.

christmas ribbon bow for holiday decoration

Work with your neighbors and decorate the stairs!

Of course, Santa is not missing for Christmas! You can make a cute Santa with a roll of paper. The paper reel is wrapped with a layer of red cardboard, and the end of the cardboard is fixed with a glue stick. Press one end of the paper roll into the shape of a pointed ear and pinch the other end into a triangle. Then simply draw a few strokes with a colored pen, and a cute Santa is ready.


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