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How to Judge If The Ribbon Is Made of Polyester?

Due to the superiority of polyester ribbons in cost performance and printing effect, the ribbons produced by polyester materials have received extensive attention and use from users in various industries such as packaging, decoration, and clothing. And in this busy season of purchasing Christmas ribbons, if you want to distinguish whether the polyester ribbon you ordered is full of polyester material, please see here.

polyester ribbon

According to the chemical properties of the polyester material, polyester is a flammable material. It will melt as long as it is close to the flame, and the flame will be yellow when burning. When melting, black smoke will emerge and the smell will be aromatic. After burning, the polyester ashes are dark brown lumps, but they can be easily twisted with your fingers. So, we just need to light the webbing and watch the reaction after burning.

According to the physical properties of the polyester ribbon, we only need to distinguish it by touch. Under normal circumstances, polyester ribbon feels rough, and there are obvious marks after shaving with nails. However, due to the variety of materials used to produce ribbon, webs with a rough feel are not necessarily polyester, and some experience is required to discern them.

Of course, if the material of the ribbon product that we bought with the Christmas ribbon manufacturer indicates that it is not polyester or 100% polyester, then there is no sense of discrimination. And if we want to judge the integrity of the supplier by identifying the quality of the polyester ribbon, we can still directly judge through the combustion method introduced above.

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