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DIY ribbon bow for flower decoration

A bunch of flowers, tied with a ribbon bow, noble and elegant, today Xmas Ribbon will teach you how to make a ribbon bow suitable for decorating bouquets.

ribbon for gift decoration

1. Take a piece of ribbon.

diy decorative ribbon bow

2. Pinch out an "ear" from the ribbon on the right.

diy decorative ribbon bow

3. Pull the "ear" back to the left.

ribbon for flower decoration

4. At the same time, press the left ribbon to the bottom of the "ear" from above.

ribbon for bows

5. Make a full circle around the "ears" with the end of the ribbon facing down.

handmade ribbon bow

6. Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to reach into the ribbon circle made in the previous step, gently grasp the ribbon and pull it out to the right.

ribbon for gift

7. Adjust the size of the ribbon bow, and finally deal with the "tail" of the ribbon bow,。

ribbon bow for decoration

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