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How to distinguish the ribbon dyeing grade

How does custom made ribbon distinguish the dyeing grade of ribbon? Color fastness is one of the important quality indicators of textile ribbon. The so-called color fastness refers to the degree of color retention of dyed textiles under physical and chemical action, that is, the fastness of the color of dyed textiles to external influences is called dye fastness. Based on the color change of the sample after the test, the evaluation level of the degree of staining of the white cloth indicates the color fastness. I believe that many people also have certain questions about the color fastness of the ribbon. Xiamen Meisida Decoration Co.,Ltd will share it with you!

How to distinguish the ribbon dyeing grade?

Among various color fastness items, the more commonly used color fastnesses include rubbing fastness, perspiration fastness, washing fastness, light fastness, water immersion fastness, and scrubbing fastness. The test items are mainly determined according to the final use of the product.

Among them, perspiration resistance, dry rubbing resistance and color fastness to water immersion are the items required by the basic safety technical specifications for textiles, and all dyed textiles should be inspected. In addition, the textiles of baby ribbon should be tested for color fastness to saliva.

The color fastness is generally evaluated by visual inspection, that is, the gray sample card is used as the standard sample, and the gray sample is compared with the sample under certain light and environmental conditions to determine the color change of the sample and the coloring grade of the white cloth. Gray cards (discoloration and coloring) are divided into five fastness grades: 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Except for half of every two grades, namely 45, 34, 23, and 12, the gray cards we use every day are grade 5 and grade 9, and the color fastness evaluation result is one of grade 9. If the color fastness of one of the ribbon products does not meet the standard level, then the ribbon product does not meet the standard.

The above questions about the color fastness of the ribbon are shared here. If you want to know more about ribbon related issues, please feel free to consult us. 

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