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How to identify single face satin ribbon and double face satin ribbon?

Polyester ribbons have high yarn count density and feel delicate and smooth to the touch. They are divided into single-sided polyester ribbons and double-sided polyester ribbons during manufacture, but for both single-sided polyester ribbons and double-sided polyester ribbons. There are still some doubts in distinguishing most people. The following China ribbon manufacturers will share with you our common methods of distinguishing these two kinds of ribbons.

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Distinguishing method of single-sided polyester ribbon and double-sided polyester ribbon

When distinguishing the two, it is enough to check whether the ribbon is smooth on one side or both sides. Only one side is smooth is a single-sided polyester ribbon, and both sides are smooth is a double-sided polyester ribbon.

Features of Polyester Ribbon:

Polyester ribbons are structurally made soft and smooth through the process of doubling the warp yarns, and the resulting ribbons have a higher density. Because of the higher density, the pattern is usually not printed on the ribbon, and the color of the bottom surface is also It does not have more flexible characteristics, and the corresponding color requirements are often realized under the action of the post-process.

The polyester ribbon is smooth, delicate, not easy to fade, smooth and wrinkle-resistant, and has a strong texture. It can print the desired content according to customer preferences, such as logo, text, event theme, and the content of the delivery ribbon. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in weddings, gift boxes, home textile accessories, toy packaging, children's skirts, women's dresses, cheerleading, bridal bouquet ribbons, packaging decoration, birthday parties, rose production, bow production and many other aspects.

It should be noted that when purchasing polyester ribbons, there may be joints in the middle of the ribbons. Because of manual rolling, the shape and size of the drum will be different. The core material and size of the drum may be different. If you have special needs, you should communicate with the merchant in detail before purchasing. If you want to know more about polyester ribbons, please feel free to contact us.

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